AuditSampler is a statistical sampling and data analytics software which enables efficient and effective audits based on statistical methods and the auditing standards (ISA 530, AICPA AU-C 530, ISA 315).

Easy-to-use audit tool to calculate the sample size, select samples and evaluate the results for Attributes Sampling and Monetary Unit Sampling (MUS). Samples can be selected based on random, systematic and value-weighted selection methods. Deviations and misstatements found in the sample can be statistically projected to the population and the risks measured.

The sample size and upper error limits computed are in accordance with the AICPA audit sampling guide. The jfa R package for statistical audit sampling benchmarks its results against AuditSampler and the AICPA guide.

Our clients include CPA’s and accounting firms in these countries:

Main Features and Sampling Methods

Audit Risk

  • Audit Risk Calculator
    • Calculate RMM, DR, Substantive Assurance
  • Audit Risk Assessment Worksheet
    • Identify and assess the risks of material misstatement
    • Identify significant account balances, classes of transactions
    • Identify inherent risks, relevant assertions and controls
    • Calculate RMM / DR for each account or class

Attributes Sampling

  • Tests of controls / compliance testing
  • Three (3) sampling distributions:
    1. Binomial
    2. Hypergeometric (for small populations)
    3. Poisson
  • Calculate a sufficient sample size:
    • Confidence level: 60% – 99%
    • Expected error rate: 0.00% – 27%
    • Tolerable error rate: 2% – 30%
  • Select samples: Random, Systematic and Cell selection methods
  • Evaluate sample results: Upper error limit (UEL) for deviations

Monetary Unit Sampling (MUS)

  • Substantive tests of transactions / account balances
  • Calculate MUS confidence factor for sampling
  • Calculate a sufficient sample size:
    • Population value: up to 2000 million
    • Confidence level: 40% – 99%
  • Select samples: Random, Systematic and Cell value-weighted selection
  • Evaluate sample results: Upper and lower misstatement bounds

Data Import/Export

  • Import data from Excel/Csv/Txt/Sqlite files
  • Import up to 20 million rows and 30 columns
  • Export data and save as Excel/Csv/Txt/Sqlite files
  • Save large data to SQLite database for fast access and reuse

Data Analytics

  • Statistics (sum, min, max, avg, stdev, negative/zero/blank values)
  • Boxplot (minimum, 1st quartile, median, 3rd quartile, maximum, outliers)
  • Query data and filter exceptions (<, >, =, !=, In, Like, Between, And, Or)
  • Summarize data for analysis (group by field/date, stratification, aging)
  • Visual chart analysis (line, column, scatter, pie, doughnut charts)
  • Detect duplicate records, sequence gaps
  • Add computed columns, join two tables

Save/Copy/Paste Results

  • Save sample results to Excel/Csv/Pdf file formats
  • Copy and paste results directly into Excel and Word

Product Information

System Requirements for Windows

  • Operating systems: Windows 10, 11 (64-bit), Windows Server 2019
  • Memory: 4GB RAM or more

* Note: Mac OS is not supported.

Version Update

  • 3.0.8419.22772 (19 January 2023)
  • File Size: 4.28 MB

Version History:
2.0.7428.31722 (3 May 2020)
1.1.7340.39527 (5 Feb 2020)

Product License

Annual subscription based license, valid for one (1) year and includes software updates and upgrades. After one year, the subscription is renewable.

  • AuditSampler (2 User License) – USD $60
  • AuditSampler (5 User License) – USD $120
  • AuditSampler (Site License) – USD $300

The site license is for a single site/location and allows unlimited users within that site to install and use the software.

Note: The license key and download details will be sent to your email within 1-6 hours.


37 Responses to AuditSampler

  1. rcorporation says:

    Do you provide auditsampler for apple users?

  2. SIMON CORDOVA says:

    Hi. The cost of Single User License is for one year o by life?

    • cplusglobal says:

      The user license is valid for the version purchased and is a perpetual license. The license does not expire and no yearly renewal fee is required. Thanks for inquiring.

  3. Corlia says:

    Do you maybe have a demo that we can try first before. Purchasing?

  4. Stefan says:

    How do I receive the product license after I have paid? Thanks for your feedback

  5. Rafael says:

    How would I download the software? How will I get the link?

  6. Winnie says:

    how long does it take for us to receive the download link for the software?

    • cplusglobal says:

      After payment is made you would see a page which informs that the product key and download link will be sent to your email within 12 hours should you order on a working day or within 2 days if the order is made on the weekend. Thanks for your feedback.

  7. Tumeka says:

    Is there a manual for this? The help function doesn’t have any content.

    • cplusglobal says:

      The help file is incorporated in the software and can be accessed from any menu/screen. The help file provides content and information for all the features. Please email us the screenshot which shows no content so we can know what is your issue. Thanks.

  8. Giil,Lee says:

    Hi, I have a problem with the generating result in MUS sample selection.

    When I tried to generate a sample results, I couldn’t get it with a message “Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types”

    I checked that there is no empty cell in my data. Do you have any idea about this problem?

    • cplusglobal says:

      If your file is Excel then save to CSV file format and open in Notepad to check if there is any empty cell or blank rows. Please email us a screenshot of the error message. Thanks.

  9. osama says:

    I don’t have Microsoft Access, can I run this application with only downloading the Microsoft Access Database Engine. ( i have Office Home & Student 2019 which contain word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote ).

  10. Rick says:

    Our CPA firm has been using your Audit Sampler for a couple of years now, and we love it, absolutely the best product on the market for audit sampling for financial statement audits. My question is, do you do any other software development for CPA’s. For example, I sell a product to CPA’s and it is in MS Access, would you be able to assist or develop other products in Access or maintain the current database as well for improvements or future development.

    • cplusglobal says:

      Hi Rick, thank you for your kind comments. Our current development is on AuditSampler and a new version 2 with improved database will be launched soon. A complimentary copy will be extended to you.

  11. Jayson Delos Reyes says:

    Does this software related to Number Sampling Software used for auditing?

    • cplusglobal says:

      Hi Jayson. The software can be used for attributes sampling (record/item numbers) and MUS sampling (account balances). Three selection methods i.e. systematic, random or cell. Thanks for your interest.

  12. Frank says:

    I work in a CPA firm.
    We are thinking about updating our internal sampling guidelines.
    Do you have a trial version so that we can see how the software works?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Trong Tin Nguyen says:

    Hi, I need buy auditsampler
    You can send to me your paypal (now, link is error)

  14. Michael Howard says:

    You state that the program can import up to 20 million rows and 10 columns, what happens if the spreadsheet contains more than 10 columns (but much less than 20 million rows), are the extra columns cut off, or is there an error with the sample selection process?

    • cplusglobal says:

      Hi Michael. If the spreadsheet contains more than 10 columns, you can only select 10 columns. The remaining columns will not be imported for the sampling. When you print on A4/Letter landscape, 10 – 12 columns would fill the page.

      How many columns would you like to import. Thanks.

      • Michael Howard says:

        I can have a spreadsheet of up to 27 columns.

        Also, regarding license pricing, can I start with 1 user, the upgrade to the 5 user pack as my team expands, and is that price the yearly subscription price after the first year?

      • cplusglobal says:

        Can increase to 20 columns but have to test the impact on processing. You would need more power PC.

        Currently, we don’t have an upgrade from 1-user to 5-user. The price after first year is the same annual subscription but our pricing is affordable. Thanks for your feedback and email you once its tested.

      • cplusglobal says:

        Testing Excel file, 1 million rows 30 columns …
        Updated to 30 columns, 30/5/2021.

      • cplusglobal says:

        Hi Michael,

        Thank you for your purchase, feedback and continued support.

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